Who says you can't find healthy savings?

Meijer $65.24- $29.70 savings = $34.97 (45% savings)
Kroger $11.22- $7.32 savings= $3.90 (65% savings)

I am hopeful the Greenworks free and clear will not cause us any problems (sensitive allergy prone skin), but decided to give it a try for $3.73. I am also very excited about the Kashi cereal which was on sale 2/$5. I received the sample box in the mail after signing up on Facebook which had $1/1 coupon enclosed. GoLean Crisp is so good I bought a box instead of using the coupon on one of my stand-by favorites. I scored another 2 coupons from a mailer from www.mambosprouts.com. I highly recommend signing up. They have high value $1+ coupons on healthy foods. That's also where I got a $1/1 Almond Breeze which was on sale for $2.50 (AND I got a FREE Silk Almond catalina)! While picking up the almond milk, we happened upon a quart of organic, plain whole milk yogurt for DS marked down from $7.92 to $1.99. Oh, those chocolate covered raisins? NOT on sale- that's what I grabbed from DD's hand before she could stuff them in her mouth as we passed the bulk bins.


  1. Great job, mama! I'm just now getting good at couponing, and am also in the beginnning stages of modifying our diets, trying to cut back on processed & work more from scratch. Honestly, you've provided some inspiration for me to do so :) And that was too funny about the choc covered raisins teehee!

  2. awesome savings! it is easy to eat healthy for cheap if you look for the deals!

  3. Thanks! It's a slow steady process. I completely cut animal products and most processed foods when I first moved out on my own after school, but moved back to a more typical American diet when I started cooking for two. Even with all my knowledge and past experience, this is still a hard, slow process for me.