Brought to You By the Number 3

Happy Birthday Bear, I can't believe you are THREE!

Bear decided she wanted an Elmo cake. She's been talking about it for weeks. So, I let her help make it. I didn't manage to snap a picture of her crushing the egg in her fist over the bowl because it caught me by surprise. This cake should be crunch-free.

I started with mixing up one box of cake mix per package directions. Bear chose the funfetti kind. I filled one muffin cup and 2 cake rounds. Remember to bake the cupcake for the recommended time on the box and then leave in the cake pans for the additional time needed.

I used cream cheese frosting because I don't like any other kind. When the kids are old enough, I'll let them choose, but for now we use what I want. I only put a small amount on the bottom layer because I am always afraid to run out on the top.
I used food coloring gel (cool stuff) to dye about a tablespoon of frosting yellow. I cut the top off the cupcake and frosted it. If you like cake, feel free to indulge in the bottom half.

It took me a good teaspoon maybe 1 1/2 red food coloring to get an acceptable red. So, instead of enjoying hand cramps, go ahead an really dump it in instead of going a squirt at a time. You'll want the bottom half to be smooth, but don't waste your time for the rest.

Place the cupcake on top of your frosted 2-layer cake. Approximately mid cake.

I used black gel frosting to draw the mouth. Then LIGHTLY use a fork to fluff up the frosting to create "fur". Be careful around the nose and mouth not to disturb the frosting.
The easy part! Place two large marshmallows end up, above the nose. Push them down in the frosting so they stick.

Use a couple dots of the leftover black frosting to stick brown M&Ms on top of the marshmallows. Then hide it until you're ready so no one steals his eyes!


  1. Congrats! You won the prize in the Birthday Cake roundup. Send me your email address! jessica at lifeasmom dot com