Grab Bag Sale

The $15 grab bag sale at OUAC only comes 2x/yr and is usually worth your time, if you are willing to put in the effort.

I made it to OUAC at 10 til and was far from the first one there, but everyone was sitting in their cars to wait because of the cold. Last winter, I was 6 mo pregnant and waiting outside the doors in a big crowd, freezing because I didn't want to wear my coat inside.

I had my game plan laid out ahead of time. I started with the boys 12-18 mo, hoping for pajamas and sweatpants. I found neither But, I did manage to stuff two bags full of clothes for the kids. My tip is to pick up a basket and throw everything you think you want in it. Then, find yourself a quiet corner somewhere and sort "yes" and "maybe items. Take all the "yes" items off hangers, fold and roll them into tight little tubes which you stick down into the bags. If you have any room left, decide which "maybe"s to add.

36 items for $32.10

1 one-piece summer outfit
1 long-sleeve collared shit
2 short-sleeve collared shirts
2 long-sleeve tees
5 short-sleeve tees
2 casual shorts
2 denim shorts
2 jeans
2 cords
1 sweatpants
2 fleece pullovers
1 dressy sweater
1 lined denim jacket
1 windbreaker

1 sundress
2 skirts
1 jeans
1 tee
1 tank

2 skirts
1 windbreaker pants
1 bermuda shorts
1 tee

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