Happy Easter

Whether you celebrate Easter or not, if you are a ham eater, this is the time of year to buy ham. You can pick them up at Marsh right now for as low as $.77/lb. Slice it, cube it, and freeze it in meal sized portions. Then, when you want a ham omelet or quiche, scalloped potatoes, or spaghetti carbonara, you will have cubed ham without paying the premium for pre-diced ham at the grocery. You might also take advantage of tossing any unusually shaped scraps in the food processor and making up some ham salad to change up lunch this week. If you buy ham with a bone, let it simmer and pull off any remaining tid bits and make ham and beans with the broth. Hurry, before it's too hot to bake cornbread 'cause you can't have ham and beans without cornbread!

Not interested in Ham? Other Marsh deal this week are:

- boneless rump roast $1.98/lb (I try to keep most of my meat purchases under $2/lb)
- boneless center cut pork loin $1.77/lb (This usually comes in a large 8-10 lb loin. Slice it into chops; cube it for stir-fry, casseroles, or stew; or cut it into 1-2 lb roasts. Package it up and freeze it. It only takes a few minutes and is well worth the savings.)
- Green Giant veggies 5/$5 (Coupons for these are pretty common both in the paper and online.)
- Dole canned fruit 5/$5 (There were coupons in the paper a couple weekends ago making these about $.66 each)
- sweet potatoes $.88/lb

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