Spring/Summer Meals

The sun is out, the tulips are sprouting, and a cardinal was at our window feeder this morning. Spring is on the way. There are dozens of reasons I like about Spring. Along with the fresh new life sprouting up around us, it is a good time to freshen things up in the kitchen. Clean out those cabinets/pantries/freezers and look for things that are about to expire- then find ways to use 'em before they do. Late spring brings the start of a bounty of summer produce. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Eat in season!

Check out what's in season for you:
or here:

I typically rotate meals by season. While we're freshening everything else up, find a few extra minutes to freshen up your meal plans. I find a great start to menu planning is a listing of what you make. Some great summer changes are to add meals that require no cooking, or ones that have slow cooker/grilling out options.

pizza pasta salad
tuna macaroni salad
chef salad
taco salad

fajitas (grill out)
taco skillet

spaghetti carbonara
chili mac
cheese burger macaroni
macaroni and cheese
pasta primavera
Italian chicken (slow cooker) (grill out)

low mein
fried rice
terryaki chicken (grill out)
terryaki salmon (grill out)
Thai pork stew (slow cooker)
beef and broccoli (slow cooker)
orange chicken (slow cooker)

apricot pork (slow cooker)
Coq Au Vin (slow cooker)
mini meatloaf
meatloaf patties
smoked sausage (grill out)
BBQ meatballs (slow cooker)
tuna and rice
creamy beef and rice
red beans and rice
salmon patties

steaks (grill out)
hamburgers (grill out)
chicken or beef kabobs (grill out)
BBQ ribs (slow cooker) (grill out)
BBQ pork chops (slow cooker) (grill out)
Italian pork chops (slow cooker) (grill out)
BBQ chicken (slow cooker) (grill out)
lemon pepper salmon (grill out)

sloppy joes (slow cooker)
meatball subs
monte cristos
club sandwhiches
black bean burgers
shredded BBQ beef (slow cooker)
BBQ pork (slow cooker)
BBQ chicken (slow cooker)

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