OUAC Grab bag sale

I don't shop on Black Friday. I do not like malls or fairs. I avoid crowded areas like the plague. But, I look forward to this grab bag sale that only comes twice each year. I'll see if it's still worth it when the kids are older, but for now, I can fit enough baby/toddler items in one bag to make each item $.50-$1.00. Garage sale prices at a resale shop. If you go, prepare yourself. In the past, I've faced a line of women waiting for the doors to open and a wild dash to the racks.

At the following Once Upon A Child locations
86th and Ditch 846-7011
71st & Binford 842-0533
Speedway Supercenter : 273-8622
7409 South US 31 : 888-7013
East Washington Street : 897-9009

Learn more and see a picture of the deals I scored at the last grab bag event here.

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