Ham n Beans

Christmas means ham dinners and ham dinners mean ham bones! If you have a ham bone (or leftover chopped ham) in the freezer, try this simple hearty meal to warm your family.

- 1 lb pinto beans
- 1 ham bone with leftover ham (if you are a poor carver, the residual meat will work- if you there is little left on your bone, you may want to add some diced ham)
- 2 onions, diced
- 4 stalks celery, diced
- 4 carrots, diced
- 2 T seasoned salt
- 2 T cumin
- 1 T thyme
- 4 c water

Pick through beans and soak overnight. Place ham bone in slow cooker. Add vegetables, beans, seasonings, and water. Make sure beans are submerged. Cook on high 6 hrs or low 10 hrs. Pull out bone- all meat should easily fall off. Stir well before serving.

Ham n beans is best served with warm cornbread. I use this recipe from the trusty Good Housekeeping cookbook I received as a high school graduation present.

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